Translate Excellent Academic Resources into Personalized Patient Care

The LUMC and VDKMP share a long history of healthcare strategies. The starting point took place in 2008 with the set up of CuraRata, which focuses on a practical system for translational research and personalized medicine. After the first results of this revolutionary system, I helped to build the business- and marketing models for numerous disease specific centers, such as the Leiden Center for Diabetes, the Gastro Intestinal Center, specialized in a broad multidisciplinary approach to Colon Rectal Cancer, and the internationally renowned Center for Bone Quality. This last center for example, now delivers the most complete and well constructed cycles of care for osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases to both patients in the Netherlands and far abroad. Please watch the explanatory patient video on bone diseases and the CuraRata vision above. Below you will find some links to our center specific websites and of course the core activities at the Leiden University Medical Center.