Value Based Healthcare Strategy & Tactics

In healthcare, the days of business as usual seem to be over. We are struggling with rising costs and uneven levels of quality on both national and international scale. This, despite the enormous energy and knowledge healthcare professionals invest on a daily basis. It is time to build new strategies, business models and service propositions for our healthcare industry. Maximizing value for patients, that is achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost, and thus a sustainable system, should and could be the overarching goal.
After years of experience in business and marketing strategies for both private and public companies I made the decision to shift my focus. Wherever possible I help transform healthcare into the valuable and sustainable success it deserves to be.
Please browse through some of the work my clients and I have together embarked on to achieve this goal. Whether it’s building a disease specific center, creating value based quality measurements or to prioritize and structure your healthcare challenges, feel free to contact me and start sharing minds.

We hired Michèle to help us with the formation of the first Dutch Brain Tumor Center.  She accurately handled the administrative jungle of a large hospital to help us embedding the center, she structured the various responsibilities and tasks, she created our communication channels such as website, logos and mission statement, she helped and stimulated in defining outcome measures for our treatments, with her energetic personality she empowered our team spirit… But most importantly, during the project she acted as a true member of our team. Her role was pivotal in the formation of a very successful multidisciplinary academic treatment center.
Clemens M.F. Dirven, MD PhD Head of department Neurosurgery, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam
Many thanks Michèle for a super job! Michèle van der Kemp was instrumental in bringing to fruition the establishment of a dedicated Centre of Excellence for Metabolic Bone Diseases in our Academic Centre. Michèle is a sharp, versatile and talented communicator and it was a great pleasure working with her on this project. With her fine-tuned analytical and strategic skills, she was able to fully capture the essence of the issues at hand and to provide efficient strategies for the successful conclusion of the project. I would not hesitate in wholeheartedly recommending Michèle, and wish her all the very best in her future ventures.
Neveen A.T. Hamdy, MD, Director, Center for Bone Quality, Leiden University Medical Center
Working with Michèle is a great pleasure: she combines leadership, insight in value based healthcare and marketing skills with a great sense of humor and enormous energy. Her support was instrumental in the successful launch of the Erasmus MC Brain Tumor Center and I can strongly recommend her.
Peter A.E. Sillevis Smitt, MD PhD, Head department Neurology, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam
Michèle’s razor-sharp wit and sensitivity helped me restructure the organization while preserving social integration.
Ton J. Rabelink, MD PhD, Professor and Chair of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Leiden University Medical Center
I am pleased to highly recommend Michèle van der Kemp for her abilities in the field of value-based health care. I have come to know Michèle during our collaborative work on the design of a translational health care platform (CuraRata) at the Leiden University Medical Center (2008 – 2011) and her assistance during the design of a value based health care model at the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, UCLA, Los Angeles (2011 – 2013).

Michèle is a strong and warm personality who positively influenced the creative and strategic processes of our various projects. On one hand she is able to help clearly express our vision and mission while on the other hand she is very accurate to the tiniest detail on an operational level. It is such a pleasure, not only for me but for entire teams, to follow the reasonable but strict timelines and see our projects blossom under her supervision. Of particular note are her positive attitude and sense of humor during oftentimes challenging moments.

With her relentless motivation and her knowledge of strategy and marketing aspects of this new form of health care, Michèle will in future undoubtedly contribute further to the field.
Daniel W. Hommes, MD PhD Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases at UCLA Health, Los Angeles, California
Michèle is one of the few consultants who is able to combine strategic, academic insights with a pragmatic approach and savvyness essential to driving business. When performing the innovation cycles with the various therapeutic area teams, she deeply impressed the participants by her capability of grasping the essence of the business while pushing them to greater heights. She gives honest feedback leading the teams to results through her structured way of working. It is a pleasure and inspiration to work with Michèle.
Ulrike Jacobi, Director Regional Market Access & Health Care Innovation, AstraZeneca
Michèle is a breath of fresh air in the medical industry. Her vision on patient care and information channels is an eyeopener to MDs in the Netherlands and abroad. This, combined with her clear and pleasant communicative skills, in my opinion are compelling arguments to let VDKMP take an indepth look at your own healthcare institution and its patient information. In other words: if you want to upgrade the quality level of your daily practice and communication a talk with VDKMP is wholeheartedly recommended.
Natasha M. Appelman-Dijkstra, MD, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Leiden University Medical Center



UCLA Health

At the UCLA Health Center for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, I helped the team to pioneer a value-based healthcare vision for the management of chronic diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Our model for value-based healthcare brings together all stakeholders from patients to healthcare professionals and researchers to payers to improve health outcomes. The success of our value quotient™ and tight controlled services is now inspiring the UCLA healthcare system to transform the management of other chronic diseases and cancer.


Erasmus MC

Together with the Erasmus Medical Center we share a strong vision on value based healthcare and the set up of integrated practice units. This disease specific approach has led to our combined efforts to engineer various centers, one of them being the first Dutch Brain Tumor Center. This inter-institutional project builds on multidisciplinary brainpower and focuses on the utmost possible quality of life and survival for all patients while accelerating research outcomes to fight this devastating disease.



The LUMC and VDKMP share a long history of healthcare strategies. The starting point took place in 2008 with the set up of CuraRata, which focuses on a practical system for translational research and personalized medicine. After the first results of this revolutionary system, I helped to build the business- and marketing models for numerous disease specific centers, such as the Leiden Center for Diabetes, the Gastro Intestinal Center, specialized in a broad multidisciplinary approach to Colon Rectal Cancer, and the internationally renowned Center for Bone Quality.



AstraZeneca is leading the way to a different approach in partnership with the healthcare industry and its professionals. Innovative services and relationships that create a meaningful difference for patients, providers and payers is key. I consult the energetic group of AstraZeneca innovators in the Netherlands by mirroring the values of all stakeholders in the system and help construct the services and added benefits AstraZeneca offers beyond medication. Bringing all parties together and help build a healthier society is our shared goal and passion.


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